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First Time Manager Success Program

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey, Fast-Track Your Success!

A combination of Video Modules + Live Q&A
Micro Videos which are easily consumable 

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Leadership and Why this Program?

Leadership is a privilege. When you are a leader, your decisions and behaviour affect the trajectories of your team member – both personal and professional. So it is a highly responsible role.

This program helps first time managers, individual contributors(who want to become managers), and business owners who struggle to manage their teams. This program helps you create a strong foundation for people management. 

The program incorporates byte sized tips for you to implement in your role as a first time manager and taste success faster.

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Video Modules Available as Part of the Program

31 Critical Topics for First Time Managers

  1. First 30 Days as Manager – 3 Key Tips

  2. How to build a strong relationship with your boss

  3. How to develop trust among your team

  4. Personalised leadership and how you can implement it

  5. How to motivate your team members

  6. How to plan for the day

  7. How to do a structured 121 meeting with your team members.

  8. How to listen actively

  9. How to delegate effectively

  10. How to handle the introverts and extroverts in the team

  11. The art of saying No

  12. How to say No to seniors managers and customers

  13. The art of saying YES without overcommitting

  14. How to give constructive feedback

  15. Training vs Coaching

  16. How to navigate politics in the organization

  17. How to handle an upset team member?

  18. How to reward your team

  19. How to handle conflicts between 2 team members

  20. Thought leadership and how you can be a thought leader

  21. Personal Branding vs Boasting – how to brand yourself better

  22. Effective meeting – how do you do it

  23. A good interview – how do you do it

  24. How to handle criticism

  25. Key elements of a good presentation

  26. The art of public speaking

  27. How to control your anger

  28. How to embrace uncertainty

  29. Decision making models

  30. How to create a buy-in for your ideas from your colleagues

  31. Important meetings with your super boss – preparation, dos and don’ts

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About Me

Johncey George, Leadership Coach

I am an International Coaching Federation Accredited Leadership and Life Coach. I have 23 years of corporate leadership experience and did my BE and Management Education from IIM Bangalore, Harvard Business School, ISB Hyderabad.

During my corporate stint I was instrumental in developing several leaders in the organization.

My Coachees work in companies like Walmart, Google, HSBC, Duroflex, Swiggy, Quadwave and many more. 

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Various Client Testimonials

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Sreejith,  Principal Information Developer Citrix

With the right guidance, we can leverage our strengths and potentials to overcome those challenges. His guidance helped me to attain a promotion to the next role in a very short span of time.

In the Classroom


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Who should attend the Program?

1. First Time Managers
2. Individual Contributors who want to take up management roles

3. Business Owners leading a team

4. Managers who want to sharpen their Team Management concepts

5. Managers of SMEs who never went through any formal leadership trainings

How long will the videos be available?

The videos will be available for a period of 1 year for you to watch and review multiple times if required.

How does the program work?

  1. For the entire month, a topic will be released daily at 7 am as a Video Module. You will be emailed a link to it. The modules are easily digestible and will finish with 1 or 2 actionable items which you can implement straightaway in your professional world or even in your personal life, depending on the topic.

  2. Each video may last for 3 minutes to 7 minutes depending on the topic. You can watch the videos again or later at your convenience, but I would suggest watching it on the day of release.

  3. ‘Ask Live’ sessions – for clarifications or queries I will be online on Zoom for 30 minutes every Monday night at 9pm IST (during program duration) and will answer any questions the program participants may have.  

What is fee for the program?

Click on Register Button for Special Offer

Is this a Physical Program? Do I need to travel to a location?

No. You don't have to physically travel anywhere.

It is in fact, an OnDemand Video based Program. You can watch the videos any time during the day once it is released at 7am in the morning. 

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes. You are eligible to get a certificate once you complete some assignments that will be shared during the program.

More questions?

Please send an email to or WhatsApp at

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Benefits of this Program

Practical Insights to be a Great Manager

Faster Onboarding as a Manager

Build Trust faster with your new Boss and the Team

Accelerated Learning of Management Techniques

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